VDF M1000 x 3500mm Deep Hole Borer

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    Year 1963
    Modernized Electrics
    Centre Height 500mm
    Swing over bed 1,000mm
    Max length of bore in one pass in front of chuck 3500mm
    Hollow spindle 165mm
    Max length bored when using hollow spindle for dia under 165 is 6,000mm
    Main motor 45kw with inverter drive
    Headstock speeds 5.6 – 280 rpm driven through gears, 5.6-1120rpm belt driven
    Static bar drive with inverter control
    Rapid travel of sealing head saddle
    Sealing head excepts up to 120mm dia boring tube.
    Solid boring capacity 1” – 4.5”
    2 x 3-point roller type work steadies with two sets of legs each
    High pressure pump with inverter drive
    Equipped with tooling, bushes, bars, collets, guides etc.