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GD Machinery offer a range of New Machines. We can supply a various range of quality machines from trusted manufacturers.

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  • Production Presses

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    These hydraulic presses from RHTC are built with an electro-welded solid-arch monoblock structure and designed to amply support the stresses to which they are subjected. They are especially indicated to carry out efficacies like stamping, punching and pressing.

    These motorized solid-arch hydraulic presses incorporate limit switches installed on the side of the machine that allows us to comfortably adjust the cylinder stroke. All these presses are equipped with a lower table with T-shaped grooves and are driven by solenoid valves, including a non-return valve, a pressure-relief valve and a decompression valve for the cylinder. The motorized solid-arch hydraulic presses from RHTC are equipped with a double-acting cylinder with an upper table with machined T-shaped grooves and two-side cylindrical guides and designed with a pressure regulator on the front of the press.

    These hydraulic presses contain a motorized hydraulic unit with two-speed automatic disconnection of the faster speed and are driven by a two-hand push button with a Level IV security module. The electrical board of these production press has a selector for manual or automatic operation and a selector for one or two cylinder speeds.

    All models are supplied with a manometer in tons, hydraulic oil and an
    instruction manual. Our RHTC presses comply with CE standards and work with a hydraulic pressure lower than 320 bar to guarantee a greater durability of the presses. We guarantee a high quality of these motorized solid-arch hydraulic presses and therefore these machines have a warranty of 2 years. The standard models are available in six different strengths, ranging from 80 TN to 500 TN.

    Available Models:

    Please contact our sales team for technical specifications and pricing

  • RHTC 100ton Hydraulic Garage Press

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  • RHTC 50ton HF-2 Manual Workshop Garage Press

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    Pressure force [kN]: 490.5
    Pressure max. [bar]: 399.5
    Cylinder stroke [mm]: 160
    System capacity [dm³]: 2.5

  • RHTC HB 28NC Horizontal Straightening Press

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    Pressure force [kN]: 28
    Motor power [kW]: 4
    Piston stroke [mm]: 180
    Piston diameter [mm]: 130

  • RHTC Horizontal Cambering Presses

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  • RHTC Hydraulic Broaching Press 15ton

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    15 ton
    Piston stroke of 600mm.
    Hand operated up/down valve (no hand pump),
    speed control valve



  • RHTC Hydraulic C-frame Presses

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  • RHTC Hydraulic Four Column Presses

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  • RHTC Hydraulic Garage Press

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    30 TON
    60 TON
    100 TON
    160 TON
    200 TON
    300 TON



  • RHTC Hydraulic Portal Press 80 TN to 300 TN

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  • RHTC Hydraulic Presses with Fixed Table

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    FDM 80 – 300
    FLM 100 – 300


  • RHTC Manual Workshop Presses

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    15 ton press
    30 ton press
    50 ton presS

  • RHTC Profile Bending Machine Model PB 70-2H

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    – Hydraulic adjustment of the upper roll
    – Two driven rolls
    – Standard rolls
    – Guide rolls
    – Horizontal and vertical working position
    Shaft Diameter [mm]: Ø 50
    Roll Diameter [mm]: Ø 152/162


  • RHTC Profile Bending Machine PB 50-3H – EX STOCK

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    Shaft diameter [mm]: 50
    Roll diameter [mm]: 150
    Rotational speed of rollers [rpm]: 10
    Voltage [v/Hz]: 400/50
    Driving motor [kW]: 1.5
    Adjusting way [mm]: 120

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