VDF B630-4000 Table Type Deep Hole Borer (1976/2007)



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    VDF B630-4000 Table Type Deep Hole Borer (1976/2007)

    Maximum boring length 4000mm
    Max. centre height above table 500mm
    Solid boring 15 – 130mm
    Counter boring up to 250mm
    Spindle speeds 35.5 – 1800rpm
    Max. Torque 4500 Nm
    Main motor 55kw
    Spindle bore 128mm
    Feeds 10-2000 mm/min
    Feed force 40,000 N
    Rapids 3000 mm/min
    Rotary table 1250mm x 1750mm with 0.1 degree “B” Axis, adjustable 500mm either side of centre for offset boring, programmed through Siemens control
    Two 400 mm capacity hydraulic vices
    Back bed section with headstock and 3 jaw chuck to allow boring up to max. 4000mm
    Siemens AC servo motors
    Siemens TP 177A with SPS Siemens S7-200 touch screen control
    2 off pressure heads
    Oil tank with high pressure oil delivery pumps
    Swarf Conveyor
    Swarf Spinner
    Machine weight 25,000kg

    Machine Data:
    Year 1976
    Retrofitted in 2007