SIG Model B31/3.5 Deep Hole Boring Machine

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    SIG Model B31/3.5 Deep Hole Boring Machine

    Min. boring diameter – 12mm
    Max. solid boring diameter 12 – 100mm
    Max. counter boring 160mm
    Min. boring length – 700mm
    Max. boring length – 3500mm
    Min. diameter of work piece – 35mm
    Max. diameter of work piece – 405mm
    Centre height 400mm
    Spindle speeds 150 – 1645rpm
    Feeds 10 – 300mm/min.
    Rapid travel 0 – 5000mm/min

    Complete With:

    Static Bar Workhead
    3 Jaw Chuck
    Chuck Guard
    3 Point Steady
    Boring Bar Damper
    Coolant Tanks & Pumps
    Swarf Coveyor
    4 Sealing Heads
    Split Bushes
    Various Boring Bars

    Machine Data:
    Main drive power – 45kW
    Total connected power 170kW