Ryazan PT 60189 x 4500mm Deep Hole Borer (1981)

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    Ryazan PT 60189 x 4500mm Deep Hole Borer

    Year 1981
    Boring length 600 – 4500mm
    Static bar machine (Counter rotation head available if required)
    Boring capacity in solid 30-100mm
    Counter boring up to 250mm
    Trepanning up to 250mm
    Centre height over the slide way – 315mm
    Spindle speeds 40-500 rpm
    Headstock spindle speeds quantity – 12
    Hollow spindle in headstock 85mm
    Headstock motor 30kw
    Boring head feeds variable 3-3000mm/min
    Boring bar rapid travel – 3000mm/min
    Feed motor 8 kW
    Hollow spindle in boring head 85mm
    3 Point roller steady 100-300mm dia. capacity
    Windmill steady with300mm bore
    Boring bar damper
    Dimensions – 13500 x 3000 x 1550mm
    Weight – 22000kg