Broadbent Deep Hole Borer x 10,000mm



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    Broadbent Deep Hole Borer x 10,000mm

    Hollow spindle headstock 15”
    Headstock speeds 11.5 -350 rpm
    Headstock drive motor
    Centre height over bed 22”
    32” dia 4 jaw chuck on headstock
    Overall length of bed 85`
    Max boring length in one pass approx. 32`(10,000mm)
    Boring saddle with variable speed drive
    2 x boring bar pedestals
    Sealing head saddle (two sealing heads for size ranges ?? )
    4 x 3 point open roller steadies 18” capacity
    Rear swarf trolleys and baskets running on rear tray
    High pressure coolant pumps (3 stage).