Sykes V400 Gear Shaper

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    Sykes V400 Gear Shaper

    External gears, max. 400 mm
    Internal gears, max. 380 mm
    Maximum Pitch Mod. 6 (4D.P.)
    Maximum Helic Angle 45deg
    Cutter Stroke Length 0-100mm
    Cutter Spindle Speeds 50-1000
    Maximum Centre Distance 254mm (Forward)
    Maximum Centre Distance 127mm (Backward)
    Maximum Cutter Dia. 100mm PCD
    Minimum Cutter Dia. 90mm
    Cutter Bore 31.75mm
    Rotational Feed 0.025-0.76mm
    Infinitely Variable Feeds

    Complete With:
    Large Amount of Change Gears

    Machine Data:
    Serial Number 260/17
    Weight 4,500 kg