Reischauer NZA Gear Grinder

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    Reischauer NZA Gear Grinder
    Serial No. Z2-475-7.
    YOM 1970
    Max wheel diameter: 300 mm
    Gear width: 170 mm
    -Min: 0,5
    -Max: 5
    Max clamping length: 420 mm
    Max angle of teeth: 45 grad
    Number of teeth: 12
    -Min: 12
    -Max: 130
    Slide stroke: 200 mm
    Helical lead:
    -Min: 200 mm
    -Max: 6000 mm
    Max diameter of grinding wheel: 350 mm
    Max width of grinding wheel: 84 mm
    Total power requirement: 9 kW
    Dimensions: 2500x2000x2300 mm
    Total weight: 4600 kg