MHP Kingsbury 80/1000 CNC Lathe (1998)

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    MHP Kingsbury 80/1000 CNC Lathe

    Year 1998
    Fanuc 21-TB CNC Control
    Swing over the bed: 600mm diameter,
    Swing over the cross slide: 400mm diameter,
    Z-Axis: 1100mm,
    X-Axis: 300mm,
    Chuck to Tail Stock (Effective): 1000mm,
    Turning Diameter Between Centres (Maximum): 500mm,
    Chuck Maximum Component Weight: 385 Kg,
    Spindle Nose: A2-8,
    Spindle Speed: Programmable: 25-3000 rpm,
    3 Jaw Chuck Size: 450mm Diameter,
    HP: 40,
    Tail Stock Quill Diameter: 100mm,
    Quill Stroke – Hydraulic Action: 100mm,
    Quill Taper: MT5,
    Tail Stock Hydraulic End Pressure: 1500 Kg,
    Bore Through Spindle: 90mm,
    Bar Capacity: 80mm,
    12 station Turret,
    Tail Stock.
    Swarf Conveyor
    Weight: 8500 Kg.