Amada HA-400W Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw (2006)

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    Round (Dia) φ420mm
    Rectangle (W x H) 415 x 415mm
    Blade size (W x T x L) (mm) 41 x 1.3 x 4570mm
    Blade speed (m/min) 15 – 90(50Hz)
    Motors (kW)
    Saw blade 5.5kw
    Hydraulic pump 1.5kw
    Coolant pump 0.18kw
    Wire brush M-48
    Power requirement (kVA) 12.3kva
    Stroke length (mm) 500mm
    Tank capacity (L) 40L
    Coolant 120L
    Table height (mm) 800mm
    Allowable load (Mass of work) (kg) 2500kg
    Machine dimensions (W x L x H) (mm) 2285 x 2697 x 1575mm
    Mass of machine (kg) 2200kg
    400v 3Phase 50hz

    Machine Data:

    Model HA-400 W
    Year 2006