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Portal Presses

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    Portal Presses

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The hydraulic portal presses from RHTC are manufactured exclusively in ST-52 steel and are especially designed for the straightening of flame-cut sheets and electro welded structures. These hydraulic presses are equipped with a fixed large lower table and a longitudinal movable frame and a lateral movable headstock.

The design of these hydraulic portal presses facilitates the loading and unloading of parts, sheets or structures and gives easy access to the different straightening points without having to move the material, thanks to the effortless movement of its frame and cylinder.

These hydraulic presses with sliding frame have a double-acting cylinder, that is machined at the end to install tools and the piston stroke of this press is easy to regulate with the stroke endings. These portal presses include a two-speed motorised unit, a pressure regulator and the control panel features switches for selecting the desired type of work (manual or semi-automatic) and for selecting the desired speed (fast approach speed or slower press speed).

All our presses comply with the latest CE regulations and work with a hydraulic pressure lower than 320 bar to guarantee a greater durability of the presses. The standard models are available in four different strengths, ranging from 80 TN to 300 TN. We can guarantee a high quality of these machines and therefore, these hydraulic portal presses have a warranty of 2 years.

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